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Cantarell Trading LTD

Cantarell Trading LTD is a commodity trading house founded in 2008. The main activity of the company is the supply of energy commodities such as petroleum products, petrochemical products, liquid gases and more. Our company also develops and expands its newly established trading desks of agricultural products and equipment for oil and gas industry.

The fundamental strategy of the company is to reduce and optimize the costs and time of the delivery of goods, consequently cutting down the costs for our customers, through investing into new logistic solutions, applying new technologies and using convenient financial instruments.

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Our Services

Cantarell Trading offers its customers wholesale of energy products in large and small quantities. One of our advantages is the ability to deliver products in various ways, starting in trucks ending in tanker vessels.
One of the highest priorities of our company is the investment in logistic solutions that reduce the time and costs of product delivery to our customers.
We believe that logistic optimization through investments into infrastructure and innovative solutions is the main key to our company's growth.
Our company also offers a set of financial instruments that allows its customers to minimize and eliminate the price risks.
Additionally, our company is always open to consider counter ways of solution that will be convenient for our customers.


Regardless of the position, in Cantarell Trading LTD you will get an incredible experience, an opportunity to handle interesting issues and a chance to learn from the best and become one of them. The employees of Cantarell Trading LTD are the main secret of our success.

We are always pleased to hear from talented individuals.
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